August 27, 2012

Daring hotel in Vienna

Within cities, there are always a number of hotels popping up left, right, and center.  A lot of the time they are built on relatively small sites and need to be extremely unique and eye-catching if they are to gain any real traction.  This hotel in Vienna succeeds on both counts.


Curvy Design

The sleek, curvy design stands out in contrast to the surrounding architecture, but somehow manages to fit in seamlessly.  The curved nature of the hotel also works nicely within the interior.


The curve in the corner gives the room a far more open feel and makes the room a lot less stuffy (an ailment that affects many hotel rooms).  The architect has clearly taken a risk by deciding upon oval windows.


There is little doubt that these windows, which are a microcosm of the hotel’s look, insert a distinct look into the overall makeup of the hotel and give it an edge in a very crowded market place.


Credit: Freshome

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