February 27, 2012

Rather be here!

February is not the most pleasant month in the British calendar (and this one has outdone itself!) but in other parts of the world it is more palatable!  This resort in Bali is so beautifully designed - I love this 'moat' around the hotel, inspired design in my opinion!

One look at these pictures and you know that you would rather be there but it is the small touches that always interest me when it comes to design.  Small touches can often seem to cost a disproportionate amount to implement but they can make all the difference.  In the picture below, for example, the tree appears to be coming neatly out of the decking: this combination of nature and design illustrates the fact that the architect is very aware of the surroundings and is keen to have the hotel to be a part of nature, as opposed to 'on top of' nature.


Credit: Freshome

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