April 11, 2011

A bit bright for a Monday morning?

A piece like this is always likely to divide opinion.  After all, there is no doubt that it is 'out there' and treads that fine line between confidence and arrogance.

If you do happen to be drawn to a piece such as this the key question to consider is not 'whether to buy it', but more 'how to use it'.  After all, any piece of furniture can work within a room if it is supported by its environment.  For example, I would use this table in a 'reading corner' accompanied by an understated chair and light combination and, through doing so, draw all of the attention to the table.

When you have a 'feature piece' it is important to give it centre stage and to allow opinions to be divided!  If a feature piece gets people talking it is doing its job!

Credit: Design Sponge

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