June 14, 2012

Spotlight On: Ochre Chandelier

It can become frustrating when, as an Interior Designer, you are looking for a product and can't find anything that inspires you (or that will inspire the client in question).  Usually, just as you are about to give up, something incredible will strike you out of the blue.  In this case for me it was this incredibly unique chandelier from Ochre:

Incidentally, I love the way that this product is shot: somehow it seems to evoke a range of emotions ranging from 'mild regret' to 'new beginnings'.  I am often bitterly disappointed with how suppliers chose to shoot their products: given the fact that most clients never see a product 'in the flesh' there is no excuse to not ensure that one photographs a product in such a way as to illuminate its qualities.  One of the best things about a more casual and less glitzy chandelier such as this is that it doesn't have to be placed centrally within a room: this allows a designer to drag the attention to the corner of the room, if they so desire, without having to use a floor-lamp.


What really sets a piece like this apart as a piece of art is the detail:


There is nothing typical or 'mass produced' about this piece and, as a result, it is a piece which brings a quirky and very much lasting style.

Credit: Ochre

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