July 25, 2011

An expression of London or something you'd find in a tourist shop?

Recently Kia visited a 'lifestyle bazaar' meeting in Hoxton (if you think she was elsewhere that night Mr. Piorot, please refer to picture 1 below)  and brought back some interesting pictures.  The one that I would like to consider today (picture 2) features the world famous London Cab - which Kia featured in an earlier post which you can read here.

I have long considered the psychology of your average buyer and have always thought that it is funny how some products would look equally at home in both Harrods and one of those dodgy tourist shops that one finds near Leicester Square.  The product would sell in both locations, albeit at very different prices, so is this product a classy representation of London or a cheap attempt at capturing an iconic image that deserves to sit next to unsold royal wedding merchandise?

No, I don't know either ...

If you're not put off by my mockery you can find it at Lifestyle Bazaar, although I couldn't find it on their website I am sure you will be able to phone up the wonderful people there and they will point you in the right direction!

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