October 27, 2011

Beer for Designers

One of my favourite bars in Islington (and certainly the one with the best beer and food) is Public House, just off Upper Street.  I usually drink a beer called '312' there but when the bar ran out of stock I tried out a beer brewed by a Scottish company called 'Brewdog' called 5am Saint.  This beer was quite an assault on the senses upon the first sip so I had a read of the bottle to have a look at the ingredients: to my delight there were no smoke or mirrors but only natural ingredients and an awesome blurb explaining the nature of the beer.

This got me thinking about the beauty of simplicity and honesty and how it creates winning formulas in all aspects of life.  In this world of mass-produced products provided by faceless corporations it is so refreshing to see a company which is taking a skill back to its purest form and creating a product that needs to be grappled with, as opposed to being mindlessly accepted as is the case with most beers drunk on a Friday night.  And no unfortunately we are not being perked in any way for this shameless advertising of both Public House (drop by say hi) or Brewdog (psst you can actually buy online here)

Check out their website and definitely check out their beer and this video below is fantastic!

5am Saint from BrewDog on Vimeo.


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