May 30, 2011

Cool light from Clerkenwell Design Week!

One of the best parts of Clerkenwell Design week was the multiple exhibitions with were displayed within 'House of Detention'.  This venue, where previously people were housed at her Majesty's pleasure, was an ideal place for innovative Designers to display their products.  Having an atmospheric backdrop in which to display products makes a huge difference insofar as one feels like they are experiencing the products as opposed to simply viewing them.

These lights from 'The Rad Company' caught my eye - the human hair within the bulb gives off a fantastic, mesmeric light whilst the Design of the light has a rather gothic feel.  I particularly liked the light shown below - it is essentially a floor lamp that is hung from the ceiling!  The level at which the lighting sits is unusual and could be used to break up a particularly 'busy' room by creating a lower level of interest.

A great product that takes a simple product and creates a little bit of Design magic!

Credit: The Rad Gallery

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