March 02, 2015

Decorate With Sophisticated Damasks


A sophisticated collection of contemporised damask designs, for classic and contemporary interiors. Alongside silk qualities, new ultra-modern silky yarns are woven and finished using traditional looms and methods with fabulous results. All fabrics are suitable for curtains.

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Previously produced as a wallpaper, Malmaison Damask (shown below as curtains) is introduced for the first time as fabric. Two weft yarns are twisted to give a brushed metal feel within the damask motif.

7.Malmanison FB Portrait_med

Brocatello Nuovo

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Complex weave effects update this Zoffany classic. Woven in modern silk effect yarns it is now available in a new colour line of soft contemporary colours, including a new exquisite faded coral. This fabric is washable and inherently flame retardant.


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Katarina is a modern interpretation of a classic medallion damask, with an embroidered effect created by an extra warp. This pretty and feminine design falls into an elegant stripe, with a beautiful drapeability due to fil coupe treatment.


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Inspired by the Zoffany ‘Veranda Trellis’ wallpaper, this versatile, medium scale pattern is woven in a luxuriously fine silk-like quality, and embossed with a classic moiré. It is reversible, with the trellis on the back being more pronounced. This fabric is washable and inherently flame retardant.


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Elena is a modern day interpretation of a Zoffany favourite, ‘Crivelli Damask’. The pattern has been distressed giving it an antique, slightly block printed feel. This contemporary silk mix fabric has a beautifully soft drape, due to the wool and viscose in the weft.


Constantina FB Detail_med

Constantina is inspired by the same 19th Century silk damask document used for Fresco Secco wallpaper. The interplay of yarns creates an iridescent feel of beaten metal. This highly contemporised asymmetrical damask has been woven in luxurious silky yarn. This fabric is washable and inherently flame retardant.

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