May 10, 2011

DIY Lighting

Today I don't want to focus on 'how' people create exciting DIY product but instead think about the mindset of such people.  Much of the time a person will look at a piece like this and think about 'how creative that person must be' before dismissing creativity as something that a person either 'does or doesn't have'.  It is such thoughts that really stifle creativity because the truth is that creative people (such as the maker of this light) fail in their creativity on many occasions.  I myself have done paintings wherein the idea was not matched by the execution and I have thrown away huge canvases in frustration.  The point is, the fear of failure is the really enemy of creativity: once you dispel the idea that 'it wouldn't look good if  I did it' you will likely surprise yourself.  Trial and error can be painful but it is necessary: nobody ever achieved anything of note, creative or otherwise, without it.


Credit: Design Sponge

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