December 19, 2011

Dormeo Octaspring Mattress

There are some items within the home that seem to take an age to replace, even when they have undoubtedly seen their better days.  Mattresses certainly fit into that category: even after waking up every morning for about a year with a stiff back I was inclined to blame it on not warming up properly before exercising, or a general advancement in age, rather than examining the item that I was sleeping upon.

For the past 2 weeks I have been sleeping on the Octaspring 8500 and already my opinion on mattresses has drastically changed.  In the past I believed that, in order to purchase a new mattress, one would have to try out a number of products before deciding which one (for the 30 seconds spent laying on it) offered the most comfort.  The series of mattresses offered by Octaspring, however, do not come from the school of thought that says that an individual should have to search for an ideal mattress, but rather that there should be a mattress which is suitable for all.


One of the common misconceptions about mattresses is what their job is.  It is, for example, comfortable to lie on a bouncy castle for 10 minutes on a summer's afternoon but, if one were to sleep on one for a night the results would not be beneficial.  The function of a mattress is to offer support to the sleeper; the human body is more than capable of being comfortable autonomously whilst in slumber providing that it is being supported correctly by whatever is beneath it.  The Octaspring system is revolutionary insofar as it incorporates springs which are constructed out of memory foam which support the body whilst simultaneously ensuring that the mattress itself stays cool (unlike with traditional memory foam mattresses which can become humid and sticky).


Upon lying in the Octaspring 8500 the 1st thing that you will notice is how the mattress forms itself around your particular shape; whereas a traditional mattress will tend to simply 'cave in' at the point of impact.  The Octaspring 850o is the type of mattress that you soon can't imagine living without; it seems clichéd to say but the importance of a good night sleep is often overlooked and the support offered by this range of beds gives you the best chance at having an amazing night sleep and, as a result, having a productive day.


Credit: Dormeo Octaspring


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