September 09, 2014

Elegant Interior Design

Elegance is often overlooked but in Interior Design is is one of the most powerful feelings.  You walk in to a room and you feel even more elegant just standing in it, the colours, the textures and even the sound your feet make on the flooring give you a feeling of elegance.  There is one aspect of elegance that is also extremely important - lighting.

I adore the beautiful shapes and different textures that Porta Romana continue to use throughout their designs.  They are exactly what an elegant interior design would need, most of the lights shown here are more of a piece of art work than a simple piece of lighting.

[gallery theme="photomosaic" ids="4924,4925,4926,4927,4928,4929,4930,4931,4932,4933,4934,4935,4936,4937,4938"]

This collection by Porta Romana once again exudes elegance, this time though it is the elegance of decay.  Such beautiful pieces, which is your favourite?

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