April 24, 2012

Excellent versatile desks

For the most part, when it comes of home offices, we design bespoke, wall-hanging desks for our clients.  This is the most economical way in which to design a desk with regard to space-planning and it also allows us to design a desk which fits our client's precise specifications.  However, there are times when a client wishes to have a desk that sits in the center of the room (this maybe because they like to work whilst being able to view the entire room or because they find the set-up useful for meetings).  In such cases it can be harder to find a suitable desk but, for me, this one ticks all the boxes:

This desk compliments the stunning floor perfectly: it has a classy, professional look which has an obvious modern edge but without looking out of place in a more classic setting.  Another fantastic thing to note about these desks is the sheer number of options that it is available in - like this for example:

I love this deep purple and it is a great indicator of the enormity of exciting options that this company offers.  When using a desk such as this in the center of a room one must be extremely careful to not compromise the overall look by allowing any ill-placed plug sockets to take the shine off the design (such a problem does not exist with bespoke pieces which are attached to a wall obviously).  Notice how in this office no plugs are visible:

This helps to maintain the beauty of the room and, in particular, its streamlined look.

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