May 11, 2011

*Exclusive* pictures of the latest creation of Kelly Swallow

Today we are very lucky to be able to present exclusive photos of the newest chair Designed by Kelly Swallow!  After you have observed the pictures I am sure many of you will be wondering how you can get your mits on one of these incredible items - simple, I have attached Kelly's e-mails address so that you can get in contact!

The thing that makes these chairs so special is their uniqueness - there is something incredibly gratifying, especially in our world of mass produced goods, to have an item that nobody else has.  On top of that, I love the idea that each piece of fabric has come from a different place and has its own story to tell.

There is no doubt that this is a 'loud' piece of furniture; there is no chance of it being overlooked or falling into the background so the question becomes: in what context should one use it?  In my opinion the best way to use a chair like this would be in a room that either:

- has a lot of quirky odds and ends in it, in such a case this chair will compliment the room nicely

- in a room that is smart but perhaps lacking a bit of character, a single piece of furniture like this can lift a room and turn a nice room into a great room!

For details please e-mail:

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