May 21, 2015

How Colour Changes Design

Same design.

Three different colours.

Three different effects.

Kia Designs - Classic Green - Cut Out - Low Res Kia Designs - Classic Grey - Cut Out - Low Res

From this one rug design there is potential the potential to create vast varieties to suit whatever space. Above is the sample shot of 2 variations of this colour, which can be colour matched to the fabrics featured in the client's home.


Classic Blue Rug
Classic Blue Rug In Contemporary Lounge


The images above and below feature this classic rug by Kia in blue; this is a big contrast to the neutral colours within the rest of the room which makes it stand out more. In addition to this, the difference between the wool pile to the blue silk pile is quite large which increased the depth to it. The contrast in colour between the wool and the silk helps bring the room together as the wool picks up the tones within other elements of the room such as the wall lamp, and the textures from the wall covering and curtains where the textured surfaces reflect light. Furthermore, the size of it helps to keep the room in proportion so it does not feel too empty.


The bespoke rugs are hand made in Nepal using silk and wool. This ensures that they will be extremely high quality and will not wear quickly, making the investment worthwhile. Each rug is designed to personal preference. They take 12 weeks to arrive from the time of ordering so it is important that it is perfect.


Classic Green Rug Catching The Light


The green version of this rug has a much softer feel to it as it catches the light. It has a similar pile to the blue rug yet the soft tones allow it to subtly catch the light in the silk adding depth to the room. Again, the wool pile colour picks up on the neutral tones in the room. This rug is also a lot smaller than the blue one so it is more of a complementary piece than a feature with the pastel tones.


 Classic Green Rug In Detail
Classic Green Rug In Detail


Colour matching is a huge part of the design as it makes it personal to the client. The length of pile (as previously mentioned) can make a huge difference to the overall look of the rug. Above is the 'embossed' rug where the wool pile and silk pile are different lengths. Below the pile for the wool and silk is the same length. This almost gives the effect of being negative (like film) as the light catching the silk gives it the effect of being slightly set in.


Classic Grey Rug In Detail


The direction of the silk has a huge impact upon its look. In the image above, the photo is taken with the silk running in one direction, in the photo below, the other. You can see how it appears a very pale shiny grey above, and a dark grey below. This effect cannot be noticed as much with the other rugs shown here as the pile is varied. However here with it all the same length it creates a very interesting effect.


DSC_0389 copy
Classic Grey Rug in Sleek Bedroom


Each rug is carefully designed by Kia taking a number of different factors into consideration. Rugs are a brilliant way of balancing out a room by tying together a number of different textures, tones and colours within the room. As designers, we are able to pick up on what can do this a create a piece which will fit perfectly into a space, which cannot always be achieved by buying one on the hughstreet.

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