May 27, 2011

New System!

Myself and Kia recently discussed how we wanted to 'upgrade' the blog and to make it more useful and interesting for our readers.  As a result of our discussions we have decided to cull the amount of blogs that we output to 3 a week (Monday, Wednesday and Fridays) in an attempt to improve their quality.


On Monday and Wednesday I will be focusing upon what we do as Interior Designers on a day to day basis and how we make the decisions which influence people's homes.  On Friday I will focus on a particular product which we are planning to use in upcoming projects.

To get the ball rolling - we have a client who is quietly obsessed with peacock feathers.


It is a picture like this that can inspire us to create something stunning for our client.  We really wanted to get this kind of colour scheme into her bathroom and these are the tiles we are considering:


These tiles fit the bill perfectly and illustrate how one can take a concept (in this case peacock feathers) and create a scheme for a room using it!

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