November 21, 2011

Product Focus:

For me finding a new product that I love enough to use in our designs is always exciting. continues to put out good designs at an extremely reasonable price...only one catch - you have to be patient! Patience is (as my builders will tell you!) not one of my strong suits, however since most of our projects take longer than the 10-12 weeks wait (and our bespoke rugs that we design can take up to 16 weeks) I think I would be willing to wait on some of these new out items!

Kubrick chair - I much prefer the grey one shown below, it does come in a 'Plum purple' but its a bit off for my taste.

Vittorio Collection - I have to say I am very drawn to the red version of the corner unit shown below

Id you paired those two above with these sticking red side tables it would be a fantastic basis for a good room design!

Mondrian Collection - these side tables come in a variety of colours.

What other items would you put with these to really bring the scheme together? What about wall-coverings? or some daring lighting?

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