November 18, 2014

How Recessed Lighting Could Make Your Home More Modern

Task lighting is something that is often essential but can be difficult to do well.  Spots are often the instant choice however, they aren't exactly the prettiest of options.  Recessed lighting can be a fantastic way of creating an extremely modern look, it is also super simple to do and unbelievably striking.

These astro lights are a perfect example (available from here), they are very inexpensive at less than £35 but would provide a more modern look to a room. 

As you can see from the room below we have used similar sized lighting in our Notting Hill Interior Design project and it produces a beautiful feature in the kitchen area.  The channel here also is extremely clever because it hides the huge projector screen that comes down in front of the art work.

Project 3 - Notting Hill - Image 1

You can also see above that we used a mixture of inset lighting and spot lighting, however an alternative would have been to use recessed lighting over the kitchen island with these Astro recessed lights.


What do you think about using recessed lighting?  Do you think it makes this Notting Hill Penthouse Interior Design look more modern?

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