November 25, 2014

14 Of The Most Beautiful Black Chandeliers

Black and lighting don't often sound like they go together, however black chandeliers can not only give amazing light but also provide a beautiful feature for your interior design scheme .  These 14 designs are all slighting different and all would provide a beautiful centre piece for your room.

[gallery theme="photomosaic" ids="5395,5389,5394,5388,5393,5387,5392,5386,5391,5385,5390,5384,5397,5398,5399,5381,5382,5383,5396" orderby="rand"]


1, Ochre Eucalyptus Linear 200cm 2, 11, Ochre Eclipse Round 100cm 3, Ochre Eucalyptus Double Tier Round 90cm 4, 6, Black Chain Maxi Pendant 5, 7, Ochre Eucalyptus Single Tier Round 90cm 8, Black Chain Rectangular Chandelier 9, Ochre Eclipse Round 100cm 10, 12, 18, Mirrored Crystal Chandelier 13, Porta Romana Bianca Chandelier  14, Dripping Crystal Shade 15, Mir S2 Pendant Light 16, Six arm ceiling light 17, Black Chain Chandelier 19, Possini Chandelier


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