November 17, 2011

Stepevi Fragment Rugs

One of the big disappointments for me this year was not being able to head off to Paris in September for Maison et Objet - I love that show and I love how special it is for suppliers to launch new products at.  One of my favourite suppliers is Stepevi - there rugs are completely customisable and so we can really get the most out of them for our clients.  This September they launched two new rugs, today we will be focusing on my favourite - the Fragment rugs.

What Stepevi say about this rug "Inspired by the fragile patinas of antique historical objects found in a ruined castle, 'Fragment' is made up of varying shades of one colour, enhancing it's precious and aged look " As you will see from the pictures below these rugs have a gorgeous pattern to them that looks as though it has faded through the ages.

Isn't that colour just glorious? You can find out more about Stepevi's rug's on their website.

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