February 23, 2012

Storage that is far more than functional

For some reason I find it quite hard to get really excited by shelving units.  I guess a lot of the time I see shelving as functional: an item that ensures that there is a general lack of clutter.  This is indeed a noble function for any piece of of furniture as it allows the pieces of furniture that surround it to breath without being bogged down by items that should be stored away.

However, this piece of furniture is not just an excellent functional piece, it is also stunning in its own right:


I personally love the ladder - it adds a rustic charm that a lot of more modern products would not have.  I like the way that this unit has a lot of open storage but also has very useful draws and shelves.  A lot of the time people are put off open storage because it can look messy but that is one of the advantages of using a unit such as this: because it is already rustic by design it does not need to look sleek and can therefore accommodate a number of unsightly objects quite comfortably.  Overall, a piece like this is an asset to any room (assuming it is used in conjunction with the right pieces) as it is built to house clutter and looks timelessly and effortlessly good in doing it.

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