March 22, 2012

Stunning, low-line coffee table

I must admit that I have a problem resisting low-line coffee tables!  I think that any distinct level change within design allows individual pieces to shine whilst simultaneously working in conjunction with their counterparts within the room.  Notice with this design how the base is very small: this results in it being as invisible as possible to a person in a standing position:

Of course, the design of this piece would all be for nothing if it was not complimented by a amazing top - in this case a fine cut of maple wood:



I think that it is the modern low-line design of this piece combined with a slightly rustic top that gives it an aura of superiority.  I would use this on a shaggy rug (although it would also look interesting upon a more traditional rug as well ...) - look out for this piece in one of our future designs!

Credit: John Houshmand

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