June 11, 2015

Spotlight On: Tamma Design- Solid Spin Lamps

Young Estonian Designer Johanna Tammsalu has designed a collection of beautiful lamps, of which shapes were inspired by some very common every day objects, which you would never expect. She has used a very unusual technique to create these shapes which can be made in various finishes/colours. She creatively used items that no girl would leave the house without on a sunny afternoon... keys, sunglasses and high heels!


But even after seeing the lamps, its still impossible to see how these items inspired the shape. It only becomes clear when you see her design drawings. The Outline is formed using slipcast moulding by spinning the glasses using the shape that they create to form a smooth and interesting pattern. The lamps are made from a ceramic and porcelain mix with a glaze on top to give it a matte or sheen effect.

"They were designed two or three years ago, but the project took years – and countless broken lamps – to finish as they were so technically complicated."

Johanna for Icon

Solid+Spin+Lamp+for+BE+page+6-4312You can see the process that Johanna went through when coming up with the design, working out how each part would fit together to create perfect connections and interesting shapes. It is also clear to see the detail that Johanna goes into when considering the design, and how difficult it is to get a shape which will work perfectly.


Shoe Lamp


The project began as more of a curiosity of what would happen if everyday objects were used, but then developed into something more design based when Johanna found that the shapes formed were pretty interesting.


Key Lamp (& the Designer)


"I moved onto spinning the objects on 3D software, around their own axes and others, and also stacked in groups. This created interesting results – and a more precise outline."

Johanna for Icon


Shoe & Sunglasses Lamps



Johanna has showed her work at a number of exhibitions in addition to being awarded the following design awards:

Pure Talent Contest Selected, Cologne 2015
SÄSI Young Designer nominee, Tallinn 2014
The Clamp project, Creative Diary, Milan 2012


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