December 13, 2010

The Mad Hatter Would Love This!

Inspiration for interior design projects can come in many different forms, I have often said that you could design a house based on a teacup if you so wished. When I saw these amazing lights that quote jumped back in to my head.  I just think that these are so clever: when it comes to reusing items I am all for it as long as it is done in a stylish manner.  These tea-cups probably look better in their 2nd life as a light than they ever did on anyone's table!  These are not yet available to purchase but I get the feeling that it won't be long before they are!

I for one will be hoping to use them in upcoming interior designer London projects.  Adding a fun sense of flair in to projects can often make it stand out from the crowd.  They would work beautifully in both residential and commercial projects. I could image them working wonderfully in a modernist tea shop working as a simple and effect barrier between tables.

Credit: Yanko Design

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