May 03, 2012

Why is a bag like a room?

Whilst in Selfridges the a few days ago a particular bag from Jimmy Choo caught our eye:


I guess there is little mystery as to why!  The brilliant yellow gleamed like gold on coal and simply refused to be ignored.  It is often shocking to me how many 'designer bags' do so little to differentiate themselves from their cheaper counterparts: obviously such a charge cannot be levied at this bag (not many bags can boast yellow python as a highlight!).  What can be learned from this bag is that even the most unbelievably vibrant colour can work amazingly as a highlight colour.  People are often afraid of using really vibrant colours as they feel that they can hijack an entire room but the trick is to offset such vibrant colours with more earthy tones (as the designer has done in the case of this bag).  In terms of a room this is an example of using vibrant colours to good affect:

Note how the vibrant yellow and greens are offset by the earthy nature of the wood - the moral of the story is that you can get away with a lot of flash as long as you employ it upon the correct backdrop!

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