November 12, 2015

6 Steps To Choose Perfect Fabrics For Home

Whether you are planning to change the colour of your cushions or you want to re-decorate your whole living room, choosing fabrics for home may actually be a difficult decision. Colours and patterns can make a really big difference in a space when they are used correctly. Use our 6 step  design guide, to create stylish and stunning interiors.

1. Ask the showroom assistant. Stylists who work in showrooms and design centres know about fabrics more than anyone else. Don't be afraid to ask for help regarding fabric specifications or advice about colours.

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2. Be prepared. Some  textiles are suitable for cushions, but won't work for  sofas or beds, as they may not be as durable. All the information regarding specific use and   resistance is on the label, so read it carefully or ask a specialist for help.

Mood board Greys Swiss Cottage Interior Design

3.Know what you need. Google your inspiration, prepare a Pinterest board, or find a picture in a magazine   that shows what you like, so you will have a bit of an idea of what are you looking for, even if this narrows your research to neutral patterned sofa fabrics, you will still have a million textiles to choose from, but the more detailed your questions are, the better the  chance that  you will find what you need.

velvet plum white  _DSC0081-(edited-1) _DSC0109 (edited 1 SMALL)

4.Bring your colour palette. With the number  of colours and variations of shades  in beige alone, it would be good to bring samples of wallpaper, flooring or paint colours and choose a fabric that will go with all of it. Just remember  that artificial lights may change the perception of the colour in the apartment. ( Usually it looks much darker) so to be on the safe side, always pick a shade brighter than what looks good in the shop.

#100 - 34/35 Prince's Courtmood board grey fabrics colors

5.Think about the scale. When you pick fabrics for pillows, you do not have to worry, because those are easy  to change. However, if you are upgrading your sofa or the headboard of your bed, try to imagine this material on a much larger scale, as it will totally change the situation!

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6. Hire a specialist. Going to fabrics showrooms or design centres with an endless number of samples can be very overwhelming. Products which vary in terms of colours, thickness, style can make you feel dizzy, especially when you look at them for hours. Try to find a specialist, an interior designer or decorator who will have an overall vision for your space and will pick a few samples which will work best for your space. You will save loads of time and energy  for things that are even more fun!

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