November 18, 2010

Blofeld’s Chair!

I like this - I know we spoke of James Bond yesterday (how did that go for you?) and this chair looks like it belongs to one of the villains!  This chair is just plain stylish and I would personally use it in an office - it also has the added advantage of being very comfortable which makes it the total package for a luxury study interior design scheme.

Have you noticed how the chair almost hovers above the base? The design is specially cantilevered so that the weight is distributed in a way that puts the pivot at the front of the chair rather than the middle of the seat.  A fascinating design that would leave your guests amazed for hours.  The curved walnut base has a unique texture - it almost looks like the plating of an animal such as an armadillo or the insect better known as a woodlouse. This design gives the idea of being protected and also serves to work well as a Bond villain's chair!

Credit: Late Mag

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