January 07, 2016

Bedroom Design Schemes

During the first client inspiration meeting we talk about your preferences and style, and what are your expectations towards the design and your new home.  We want to know how  you spend time and what is missing in the current arrangement for you to feel comfortable. Sometimes it’s just the choice of the fabrics, sometimes it is the layout that makes the rooms feel small and dark. No matter if this is a new built house or a flat waiting for a renovation there is always a place for improvement!


Design Concept Inspiration

After the first inspirational meeting with our clients, where we had offer a wide selection of fabrics and inspiration to choose from, we got down to work and start the design process! In this new brief, the clients wanted to achieve a spacious looking flat that would feel open and light. As you can read in Scope and brief (link here), the clients were used to living in other places all around the world and they wanted to achieve a very open interior.


Out of the massive selection of fabrics, wallpapers and textiles the clients picked, we decided to go with neutral colour pallets as the basis of the colour scheme, with more vibrant and rich colour accents to add interest to it. We wanted to add a ‘wow’ effect by picking patterned wallpapers and fabrics that would create main theme for the design scheme.

Layout always plays a big role in creating a very open feeling, but there are other ways to achieve this state. Textures and patterns in colours of sand and beiges and mixed with accessories in stronger and more vivid colours may help you to achieve it.

The master bedroom scheme includes a beautiful patterned wallpaper in colours of  navy blues and greens, that sets the mood for the entire room. The bed in a neutral fabric, mixed with a darker wooden frame will be complemented with wooden bedside tables. There are a few decisions that still need to be made, but the base looks interesting.

Bedroom Concept Purple and grey


The guest bedroom scheme is based on the combination of navy blue and copper. Patterned wallpaper in copper, with a navy blue bed will create a focal point of this bedroom. Bedside tables in walnut will complement the flooring, and the gold finishes will mix beautifully with copper accents. The scheme is complemented with grey and blues rug, that bring more minimalistic style to the room. Along with  modern white table lamps, it would be a perfect space for a guest to stay over.

The other bedroom is turned into a study area. Due to the layout restriction, there was no option to fit a sofa, but soft seating was a necessity. We decided to go with modern flat day bed in grey, so there is a possibility to sleep or nap. A Scandinavian desk and a geometric yellow carpet will set the mood for the room. Along with additional storage and shelving, this room will be a great place to work or read a book.

That’s just the beginning! We can’t wait to work on the rest of the schemes and design a stunning lounge area! Stay tuned to hear more about this project!

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