December 16, 2014

Designing A Bedroom Around Art

This design is one of our most talked about designs, maybe because we came at it from the idea of Designing A Bedroom Around Art.  It is visually stunning whist also providing the clients with storage and the space they needed within this compact bedroom.

The artwork above the bed is often a piece that is commented on, and designing a bedroom around art is something that can be very simple when you have a piece as striking as this.  The artwork is by an artist called Hush. Working in Japan for several years as a toy designer, Urban artist Hush was able to draw upon life as an outsider to the Japanese culture with an objective eye. Considered one of the most technically gifted urban artists, Hush's art explores themes of sexuality and pornography – contrasting the representation of women in traditional and modern eras.

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His work has a very playful feel to it and really brought something different to the finished design.

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