October 21, 2014

Entrance Flooring Ideas

First impressions are always extremely important, not just for people but also for houses. The entrance to your home sets the tone for the rest of the design. It is also the initial landing pad for an often very busy life style so it needs to be not only beautiful but hardwearing and functional.

For this reason we decided to change the entrance hall in this property in Bishops Park from carpet to a much more hard wearing tiled surface.

2014-02-19 12.59.02

We looked at quite a few different options.  The clients wanted us to make a real 'wow' impression for when they welcomed guests in to their home.  First thoughts were to go with a mosaic marble; the marble would be extremely hardwearing and a honeycomb pattern like the one below would look beautiful.  However, mosaic means that there is a lot of grout lines and grout can get very dirty, very quickly in a high traffic area like this.

We decided that a slightly larger format patterned tile would work best.  It would remove the problem of grout lines (make them much less of a problem) and the pattern would provide added interest.  None of these patterns took the clients liking however as they all seemed a little too modern for the house.

2014-03-06 12.14.19-2

We came across this one however and it seemed perfect, the pattern was pretty, not too heavy and would work wonderfully with the grey and blue design scheme in the dining room (these tiles would be viewable from this room).

2014-03-14 12.38.50


Seeing it all down for the first time is always something special, as you may notice we decided to go with a dark grey grout (that picks up the dark grey parts of the pattern) rather than a white grout which would become easily dirty in this area.

2014-05-13 11.45.15

Let us know what you think of this entrance flooring idea.  Do you have entrance flooring ideas of your own that you think we should have considered?  You can check out the finished design here: Interior Designer in Bishops Park

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