December 11, 2014

Floating Bed Design

The floating bed shown here is one of our most asked about design pieces. Space was at a premium in this bedroom so we had to make every space matter whilst keeping the floor as clear as possible - the floating bed made this possible. This has since become one of our most iconic bedroom designs with most clients drawn to the floating bed design and the artwork which is mounted in an oversized glass frame and is by an artist called Hush.

The Fluttua (which means "float" in English) bed is the epitome of minimalist design. Nothing extra adorns this bed — but install it and it gives the appearance of floating. Which is statement making enough! This patented product is height adjustable, and is even available in a quirky, round model.  Although this bedroom is actually quite small it appears a lot larger due to the floating bed, floating bedside tables and wall mounted chests of drawers.  Each item is perfectly balanced within the room to make the most out of the proportions without cluttering the space.

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