October 28, 2014

Why Handles Are Sexy

Yes, you read that title correctly.  We are talking sexy handles today.  In my years of being an Interior Designer in London I have had many things described to me as sexy.  People have wanted a sexy bathroom, an entrance hall that is simply "the sex" and today I am bringing you some of the sexiest handles that could lead you in to these rooms.  They are from the amazing Philip Watts Design and they are extremely sexy.

First up, these wings.  Let is be known, I have a thing for wings and feathers.  I adore them.  I haven't tended to use them too much in interiors (we want sexy not tacky boudoir). Eaglewing has a wing span of 1 metre and is also available in brass and bronze, divine. (£667.50)


Flames!  These handles have a very obvious nod to Harley Davidson and are super sexy.  They are push/pull handles and I adore the combination of the snake skin with the flames.  (£262.50)




Guns, they are a little bit Bond and of course have a certain power element to them.  They do both a larger and a smaller version (the larger has elongated the barrel), I personally prefer these in the smaller version. (£352.50)

So there you have it, sexy handles.


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