February 04, 2016

How To Shop For A Bed

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Working on a new brief for an interior design project always highlights questions that for an experienced designer comes as second nature however for clients even the most essential part of the design can provide its fair share of trepidation. For clients who are taller than the average a double bed can often be torturous each evening, having faced this challenge many times we instantly opted for a Continental Kingsize, providing a 200cm length rather than 190cm as is standard with double beds. However,  there is much more to a bed than its mattress - read on to see the other challenges we faced and how we overcame then to produce a wonderful result for our clients.



1.The mattress requirements. We were looking for a mattress that would be at least 200cm


 long however due to the current arrangement and the radiator being on the opposite wall, the passage was quiet narrow, so the length of the bed had to fit within 210cm.

When buying a bed it is important to note that the dimensions presented on the website sometimes include only the size of the mattress, but not the one of the external frame (which means the actual bed). The bed we chose has a very thin frame, which is only 2cm wide. Also, the headboard can be mounted to the wall, above the bed reducing again the external size of the bed. Perfect!


This bed also includes 33cm of storage underneath the mattress allowing for hide

extra duvet and sheets! When the space in your flat is limited, consider the under-bed storage.  Some of the beds have it already incorporated and some you can buy separately.


2.The bed design. The choice of  bed frames is overwhelming. Starting from frame materials and finishes, through headboard design up to fabric choice. The important information is that once you customize the design, the lead time for the piece would be longer. Some suppliers can deliver the finished product in 2-3 weeks, others, especially if order from other countries, can take up to 12/16 weeks. Also, some of the companies have beds made to order, which means it takes around 8 weeks from the order placement to the delivery.

The bed we picked has a simple linen headboard and minimalistic wooden frame around it, and it fits perfectly with the 


scheme we decided to go with for this room!

Warren and Evans Vienna bed & Dazzler Bed -Loaf.com


3.Christmas Delivery.  Christmas time is when a lot of clients consider improvement, changes and even moving in into new apartments. Christmas is also one of the busiest time in the retail industry, so be aware of the fact, that if you would like your bed to be delivered in time for holidays, the sooner you order it the better. The minimum time would be at least 2 weeks. The other option, especially for those of you, who are looking into buying a bit later, is to choose one of the beds that are in stock. Some retailers can provide you with ex-display beds, or beds that have been made to the wrong order, and suppliers need to sell them. They are all in good condition and ready to be shipped, so if 

thumbnail (1)

you are in the rush this may be the option for you. Our clients decided to go with one of the stock beds, as they wanted to move in before holidays.


Furl beds have also extra storage - perfect for small bedrooms!


4.Bedside tables. The Bed is usually a focal point of each bedroom, but bedside tables complement it and create a great base for the design scheme. Think about items you keep around you when you 


are getting ready to sleep. Do you usually have a glass of water? Do you read before falling asleep? Our clients need a place to move books away, so we need a bedside with a drawer or closed cupboard. What are your evening habits?

Roche-bobois side tables - lovely

The Bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the flat and you need to feel relaxed and comfortable. Avoid clutter and items that distract you, so you can sleep better. Good luck to all of those who are arranging their bedrooms.

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