November 26, 2015

How-To Guide: Introducing Natural Light

It’s more than obvious that colors and brightness have influence on the mood and overall image of the space. When there are a limited number of windows and you are struggling with dark space, here are a few  design tricks that will help you introduce some natural light into your apartment!

1.Don’t be afraid of color. Although neutral colors like white, sandy, taupe and grey can make a room seems bigger in general terms, splashes of yellow or orange on accent pillows or a  bold pink blanket will make it look much brighter! So don’t be afraid of adding a strong accent color to break a continuum of neutrals.


DSC_0035 Project 9 - Pied-a-terre - Image 4

2.Window treatment matters. When choosing curtains or panels for your window, take in consideration not only how will they look through the day, but also the year, during autumn and winter. Choosing dark colors may not be a great idea. They  will attract  attention to the windows, but also make them visually smaller. In cases of small living rooms, pick sheer curtains rather than strong, textured fabrics.

Paddington Window Treatment Natural light Paddington Window treatment

3.Reflective surfaces. Starting with  mirrors, which should be placed in an area where they can reflect direct natural light, all the way to the  reflective finish of the flooring or wardrobe doors. Anywhere  where there is an opportunity to have a reflection and potential ray of light, just do it. Try to make it fit in with the rest of the interior design  .

DSC_0028 Project 1 - Mayfair - Image 8

4.Clever light sources. Of course, adding more artificial light is an option, but the best way to do it is setting the light source inside or under furniture, so it can create a great ambient light. There are a lot of options to do that, starting from dropped ceiling and kitchen cabinets   to small reading lights under the shelves. The sooner you think about setting them up (sometimes, it is worth consideration while you are still in the process of refurbishment) the better.

Project-3---Marylebone---Image-1-sm+ PopUP

5.Consider remodeling. If you’re an owner and looking to stay where you are for a long time, consider knocking out one or two walls, creating a  open kitchen or open lounge. It does make a huge difference. Try to hire a professional to do that, as he would inform you which walls can safely be removed and how to lay out the space better to get the most out of it.

Project 3 - Marylebone - Image 3 DSC_0040

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