February 13, 2015

Mexico Design Inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere but for most of us we are often too busy to see it, we don't actively notice those design details, those colours don't really sink in, we often end up seeing a sea of grey.  The one time that our brains are in tune with our surroundings is when we are on holiday.


We relax, we look around and we often take in a lot more of the environment that surrounds us.  Not just because it's foreign but because it's often more colourful then what we surround ourselves with at home.  Everything from street signs to the hotel wallpaper can catch our attention.


A trip to an aquarium shows us the millions of different colours that can surround us and how beautiful each and every one of them can be.  It can even inspire you to create design colour schemes that might be a little out of the ordinary.  A colour scheme based on the amazing image below would be a visual treat, it also wouldn't be your typical blue which is often used for themes inspired by the idea of an underwater world.

2015-01-20 09.40.47


And it's not just design that can be inspired while on vacation, it can be mood too.  Mexico is known for it's bright colours, one of its main festivals that is often recognised around the world is the day of the day, the bright candy skulls being the main attraction as they are both ornate, beautiful and morbid.  Mexico's graveyards can often be the same, however hidden below the surface of a stunning graveyard (never thought I would write those words) in Xcaret Park is the scene below.


2015-01-23 12.30.05

The candles here sit on the bed of many, many years of extinguished candles.  Their melted frames now making the shelves on which new candles sit, the colour a startling white against all the colour and pomp of a Mexican graveyard.  They also create an amazing atmosphere, the warmth of the light and the colours instantly calming you and bringing you to the present.


If we were to use this in a design scheme it would be interesting to take this and inspiration for a home spa, the feel of the lighting, the instant warmth and the sense of renewal would all be a perfect starting point for the design of a spa.

Have you been on a holiday recently that has inspired you? What feeling or mood did you bring back from it?

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