April 30, 2015

Spotlight On: Lago

Lago offer tons of innovative design solutions at the top of the market. They work mostly from a modular base which can be customised to really make your home pop!

One project that we designed in Notting Hill features many items form Lago and has is a supplier that provides the quality service to match the quality products.

5 Favourite Products:

1. Skin Basin - Wall covering that detaches like a skin

Lago Skin Basin

This cutting edge design is extremely sleek and equally puzzling as the water appears to just disappear. It is available in either resin or mosaic in various colours. Both styles are incredibly elegant.

Lago Skin Basin 2

2. Slide Shelf - A shelf built on a trapezium-shaped module

Lago slide shelf 2

This geometric style shelf can be put into 6 different Lago compositions, however there are endless combinations to form patterns allowing for ultimate customisation! Each piece has 1 open side and is slotted together to form some funky shapes. Again, this product comes in so many different colours which are made of lacquered metal.

slide shelf 3

Designs can be very bold pulling colours together, or slightly more neutral and complementary. They are the perfect way to break a wall up in a fun way while providing space to store your books, DVDs ect.

slide shelf 1

3. Kinoki Table & Chairs - The warmth of wood and the solidity of steel

kinoki table and chairs

These steel wire framed, wildwood topped items of furniture provide a brilliant light weight addition to a room. The octagonal table is extremely functional seating up to 8 people while executing form perfectly.  Japanese inspired design paired with Italian craftsmanship is a wonderful union.


The frame comes in either painted white of graphite. The wildwood is extremely delicate at just over 2cm thick mounted on steel of 1.2 cm diameter. The design is also available as a stool.

4. 36e8 Kitchen - lets personal creativity run free

36e8 kitchen 1

Winner of the 2009 Good Design Award, This kitchen comes in so many different formats but is all based upon modular shapes forming 16 different patterns. The name is formed from the grid of 36.8 x 36.8 cm square which is used to form all the patterns. In addition to the variety of patterns, there is an array of different finishes, components, depths, fitting types and colours. Lago also have products which are sold separately designed to enable you to integrate appliances.

B 75837

This kitchen product allows you to show your personality while designing for your needs, and whats more, they all look amazing! And to put the cherry on the cake, you can guarantee none of your friends will have the same one!

B 76798

5. Flutta Bed - the worlds first suspended bed

Lago Flutto Bed

This bed gives the illusion of floating (especially from certain angles). It is done by using a single leg centrally positioned to balance the bed and a wall anchor to allow it to support the weight of two (pretty heavy) people.

Floatinb Bed Baker Street Baker Street project

You may recognise this bed from 2 of Kia's projects, Baker Street and Notting Hill. Kia has won many awards for the Notting Hill project, and its clear to see why. The clean lines are nicely broken up by the bed, with all the emphasis put upon it within the room.

Project 3 - Notting Hill - Image 6 Notting Hill project

This product however also comes in a circular variation, which is awesome! Much like most of Lago's products the bed is customisable, with the choice of headboard available and adjustable height. Its also brilliant for people like me who are constantly bruising their shins from kicking the bed frame since this bed has no exterior frame.


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