August 12, 2013

Stunning Boutique Hotel in Barcelona

I love to travel, I adore it. If I had the time I would be away at least once a month enjoying a beautiful new city or exploring a wonderful bit of country side.  One of the cities that has been on my list for way too long is Barcelona, and then I see a beautiful boutique hotel like this and I am sold. I need a trip to Barcelona this year!

I just love this room, the stained-glass windows (not usually a big fan but here they just 'work'), the curved sofa and the beautiful coffee table. I really do love how it's all been brought together.

In this room I just adore how they have kept and highlighted the glorious ceiling design, it offsets all the modern furniture beautifully. Some one hand me a caramel macchiato and I will be in heaven.

via Design Nirvana in Central Barcelona | 2Modern Blog.
You can book here if you're sold: El Palauet

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