December 09, 2010

Why that's a blueprint for the boulder dam!

Art work is always a sticky subject with our clients - we all see art so differently that it is almost a given that you won't like the art that I choose for you and I will dislike the art that is appealing to you.  Another issue is that many people are cautious about placing art in their homes because they are conscious that their friends will dislike it (a very bad reason in my opinion!).  As a result many people compromise and get, for example, a black and white photograph of a world famous skyline.  This is all well and good but the old NYC silhouette has probably had enough plays.  As a result I would suggest a slightly different approach: how about these these funky plans.  The best thing about them is that you can make up what they are a blueprint of (Air Force 1?) because God knows what they really are ...

Credit: Apartment Therapy

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