September 16, 2010

Old Junk Or Art?

We live in a society wherein each of us throws away a depressing amount of goods per week.  One of the only times that on is truly aware of one's waste is upon moving house.  "Wow, I forgot I bought this" you may say upon fishing that dicey, flowery top out of the bottom of one of your draws - you have a laugh at the item's expense and then chuck it away.

Usually we throw things away (aside from packaging) so slowly that we rarely notice.  "This knife looks a bit manky, shall I bin it?"


That rusting knife with unusual stains is a piece of art in waiting!  The above sculptures were made from such items!  This type of Art combines creativity with recycling and it is also very cheap to produce.  Check out the artist, Sayaka Kajita Ganz, to find out more and to marvel at what most would have already confined to landfill ...

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