March 23, 2012

On the search for... great looking radiators

Most of the projects we take on tend to be full scale refurbishments, with this in mind we are often looking at a completely blank slate at the beginning of the project.  For me one of the most important parts to get right are the fixtures (get them wrong and they are a pain to fix later in the project).  Radiators are a fixture that can add a huge amount to the design of a project but are often very overlooked.  Here are a few of my favourite radiator picks.

I adore this radiator as it is a feature piece in its own right - now obviously you wouldn't use it in every room

Arteplano from £1764 (Yes that gorgeous piece to the left of the console is actually a radiator!!)

Classic radiator from £343

Thermo glass radiator from £1407

A very eclectic selection of radiators!

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