March 24, 2011

Interesting Fireplace

Technology and Design are meant, in part at least, to make life easier.  There are, however, some things that perhaps we don't want to have made easier.  You buy a dog so that you can walk it and hence get more frequent exercise, meet other dog owners and enjoy watching your dog discover the world around it.  A self-walking dog would make your life easier at times BUT it would undo the original charm of actually having a dog.  The same can be said of this fire.

Log fires are wonderful because, like a fine cake, they require love and attention.  The satisfaction that one gets from sitting by a self-made log fire comes from the fact that it was a battle to carry the wood from the basement to the fireplace, because the firelighters that you bought refuse to light ... I like the Design below but I fear that it makes natural fires too easy and that, perhaps, some things in life a gratifying because they are an effort ...


Credit: Freshome

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