May 04, 2011

'On the money' shop exterior

In recent blogs I have talked at length about bars and coffee shops and how one must approach the Design of such establishments.  Walking past various shops on Upper Street recently got me thinking about the way in which many retailers present their products.  I decided to look on-line for an example of a shop front that really made a statement and this opticians really caught my eye (!).

Often, when speaking of Interiors, I speak of the idea that certainly pieces of furniture exist simply to creating a talking point and to make people 'look twice'.  Obviously, any shop front that causes a person to look twice is automatically a good thing and this shop front is proof that you don't need to put on a Burlesque show in the front window in order to get it done!  This window Design is eye catching without being obnoxious and will, as a result, draw positive attention to itself.


Credit: Freshome

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