January 25, 2012

A bathroom doesn't have to look like a bathroom

In many of our recent bathroom designs we have tried to veer away from creating bathrooms which follow the conventional ideals of what a bathroom should be.  Instead we try to see the bathroom as another opportunity to be innovative (albeit with certain items being very necessary!) and creative.  Bathrooms can often feel very cold and unwelcoming because of the harshness of the materials used - in order to combat this we try to use wallpaper and wall-coverings, as well as less clinical mirrors and lighting.

People are often afraid to be innovative in bathrooms because of the fear that the condensation in the room will ruin any soft furnishings/delicate pieces.  This is a valid concern but many items are more hardy than one might imagine and there are some items that can withstand condensation.

I love the bathroom below because it is inviting and relaxed meaning that the bathroom need not be seen as a place of obligation but more one of opulence.  Stay tuned to our newsletter in coming months in order to see some of the less conventional bathrooms that we have been creating for our clients!


Credit: Freshome

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