February 09, 2012

Adding a twist to an everyday item

Interior Design is not always necessarily about the pieces of furniture that are always on show.  Of course, items such as sofas, coffee tables and sideboards make or break a room but it is the smaller touches that can really take a Design to the next level.  Imagine the following scenario: you have had an old friend around to admire your new home and, after dinner, you are ready to uncork an old scotch or bourbon.  In the midst of this distinguished guest lavishing praise upon your new abode they stop in their tracks as they watch you pour the whiskey into a couple of tin camping mugs.  As you can imagine, their overall feeling for your living space has been somewhat dampened

In order to avoid such a scenario why not consider offering up your spirit of choice in a container that matches the brilliance of your home - perhaps something like this -

The thing about Design is that it must be effortless and, if it is effortless, there will be a natural continuity within your home.  This does not just relate to furniture but also to the items that lurk within your furniture.  A product like this will serve to enhance the table that it sits on and will inevitably draw attention from all who view it:


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