September 07, 2016

Affordable Interior Design

Kia Designs presents you with magnificent interior design services that catch attention at the very first instance. We offer high quality, yet affordable interior design solutions to our clientele. Our studio design service is affordable luxury at it's very best. You can benefit from the system that leaves clients feeling stress free whilst knowing that your budget will be made the most out of.


With our help, you can plan the design of your newly built home or refurbish your existing home. Years of experience has taught us about the needs and preferences of our clients. Whether you have children in your house or elderly relatives, you can rely on us to create astounding interior design solutions.

We Pay Attention to Utility of Space and Resources

With ample space to walk or run about, your home will be the perfect abode you are dreaming of having. With your safety and comfort as our prime considerations, we place furniture carefully and cover exposed areas jutting unnaturally out of the wall.
In order to offer you affordable interior design services, we make the most of the resources available at our disposal. With us, you can rest assured that your interiors will have a graceful look.

Visualisation Visualisation of a finished design

Our Services are Designed to Offer Optimum Attention to each Client

Our procurement experts make sure that each and every item needed for a project is available in the best quality. For our valued clients, we do not compromise on quality. To ensure complete dedication to each project, we do not take on more than 6 interior design projects at a time.

Knightsbridge Interior - Ensuite Shower 2 The finished design is better than you can imagine

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Do you want to avail our first free consultation? Call us and book an appointment for a site survey. You may also email us with your queries regarding our affordable interior design services. By subscribing to our newsletters, you can obtain our Investment Guide, which can assist you in your home decorating endeavour.

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