April 26, 2011

An evening of a Lifestyle Bazaar

Lifestyle bazaar is one of those wonderful treasure chests of a place, it has so many gorgeous products that you often don't see things for looking - well last week at the Decorate signing the wonderful Daniel (of Atelier Tally fame) invited me along to a little evening meet up where members of design community could have a lovely glass of rose, meet the owners and

This shop is full to the brim with wonderful finishing touches that just make you smile. Just check out the amazing London Delf dinnerware collection by Lovegrove Repucci.  I just LOVE these! I'll have six please...(btw it is my Birthday today so if any of you have forgotten this would be a great way to make it up to me!)


Credit: ME!

I also loved these high heel mirrors , imagine going crazy with these on a dressing room wall plus they would still look amazing with bags or hats or jewellery dangling off them! Heel coat-peg designed by Mauricette Cornand for La Corbeille.

DSC_0643Credit: ME again!

One last piece of inspiration before I head off.  How amazing are these coat hooks - are you're guest a-okay or will you be hanging their coat up on the not so desirable second hook (might let them know where they stand!). Hand Jobs designed by Thelermont Hupton.

DSC_0650Credit: ME again!

As an Interior Designer in London we are often spoilt for places to go and see.  Not a day goes past without being invited to a new collection VIP evening or a gallery opening (please don't see this as whining I love them - keep them coming!) however it can mean that sometimes we can miss a hidden gem like this!  So pop in and see  Laurent and Christopher... they really are wonderful!

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