July 06, 2011

Armani Casa Dining Table

Recently I have been looking for a dining table for a client and in Armani Casa I think I stumbled across the one that will complete the room.  The dining room, in this instance, is an interesting one insofar and many of the walls are covered in fabric.  The fabric that we chose is grey with gold lines slashing through it and, as you can imagine, to find a table that matched was never going to be easy!

Much of the time, when looking for products, you will see what you want but it won't necessarily be in the colour/finish that you desire.  Below is a picture of the table in a more neutral colour:


I very much like the Design of this table and, from this distance, the intricacy of the Design cannot be fully appreciated BUT when it is made in this finish I don't think there will be any doubting that it can hold its own as a centerpiece:

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