June 08, 2011

Attention To Detail - Never Before Seen


I was recently looking through some old pictures that we have never (to my knowledge) used as examples of our work as I was admiring them lovingly.  Anyone who is involved with art in any way will tell you that it is painful to look/listen/read ones own work immediately after it has been created. 


The reason for this is that the author is acutely aware of any shortcomings that the piece has and will therefore be so distracted by such shortcomings that they will be unable to see how good the overall piece of art is.


What I love about this Design is that each individual piece is able to breath: what I mean by this is that the room does not look swamped and that the viewer is able to admire the pieces autonomously and notice how beautiful each piece is. 


Take the rug, for example, the colours are stunning, subtle and also compliment each other.  I believe that if we are to learn anything from this picture it is that attention to detail will create a great overall look and that for a precise piece to be successful it must be given room to breath!

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