September 05, 2011

Awesome rug designed by Kia Designs

One of my favourite elements of the design process it designing bespoke rugs.  The obvious advantage of this, compared with buying a pre-existing rug, is that you are able to create the precise look that you require.  In this case we really wanted to combine the elements of red in the room (which can be seen in this picture through the headboard) with an exciting and vibrant orange.  Such a combination is not found everyday - and especially not within an ornate pattern such as this and within such a large rug.

I am also particularly fond of the grey background that we chose that gives the rug an element of neutrality but also serves as a perfect backdrop upon which the highlight colours can showcase themselves.

If you would like more info about this rug check out our post later this week that will be breaking down a few things about this fun design and has a host more images!

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