June 15, 2010

Buyer's guide to armchairs

"The first rule of armchair buying is that it does not have to match your sofa," says interior designer Kia Richardson, at Kia Designs Ltd. Baffled by the choice of armchairs out there? Our expert guide explains what to look out for.
1. Unique chic

"Don't be afraid of colour and pattern," says Richardson. "If you are apprehensive about using vibrant colours or patterns on your sofa, a safer bet is to use them on armchairs."
2. Universal appeal

"Always measure out the space that the chair is going to take up in the room," advises Richardson. "It doesn't matter how much you may love a piece of furniture, if its proportions don't suit your room it won't do the piece or the room justice."

3. Spontaneous buys

"Don't be afraid of making a spur of the moment decision; if you see an armchair you want, whip the credit card out!" says Richardson.

4. Contemporary cool
"You don't want your furniture to look like a three piece suite. It is perfectly acceptable for each piece to be unique and individual," says Richardson.

5. Low down

"Always go with your gut instinct. I often find that the best purchases are made without extensive deliberation," she says.

6. Chaise longues
"When it comes to chaise longues, you can't beat the old classics with clean lines - they are perfect as comfortable dividers especially with the current trend of open plan living and dining areas."

7. Goldilocks
Find a chair that is just right for your little girl. The Oslo 4Kids chair vibe candy (£39) from Dekko is just the thing for a modern day design conscious princess who likes her look colourful. These armchairs are specifically made for 4-11 year olds so they’re sturdy enough for rough and tumble play.

8. Stand out

Make a statement in red with the red leather Winston armchair (£290) from The Furniture Emporium. Keep leather out of the sun to avoid cracking and apply conditioning treatments to insure it lasts a life time.

9. Pretty tradition

"Remember armchairs and chaise longues are invaluable in bedrooms for putting on shoes and chucking clothes on at the end of a hard day," says Richardson.

10. Modern classic

For sleek minimalist design with a contemporary colour burst, the arizona armchair (£850) from John Lewis is ideal. This chair is modern, monolithic and modular designed by Barlow Tyrie and is made from synthetic wicker for a unique twist

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