March 10, 2011

Buying a home 'Part 4': Use your imagination

I have already stated that I think it is best to buy a property that has have a minimal amount invested internally with regard to fittings - the result of this is that perspective property owners are forced to use their imaginations.  What I mean by this is it is necessary sometimes to stand in a property and imagine how functional it would be for you, the buyer.

One of the main things I ask clients to imagine is how they would use the property in question to entertain friends (i.e. is the distance between the living room and toilets acceptable, as a host will you be isolated from the party entirely if you are forced to tend to the food for 20 minutes?).  It is important to think in this way as any property is functional to an extent when only one person is living there - the real test is how it stands up to the rigor of having multiple people within its walls.  If you can envision holding a successful dinner party at a property (and one wherein the host doesn't feel isolated if they are preparing food) odds are the property is practical with regards to its layout.

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